How Our Pricing Works:

Our pricing is quite a simple concept; give our amazing customers exactly what they've paid for, and a little more! We know it pays off to go above and beyond, and our customers appreciate our attention to detail. We know that you've worked just as hard for your money as we've worked for ours, therefore we're willing to go the extra mile to get you the pricing you deserve. This is why we decide to pass on the savings to you instead of bumping up our profit margin.

The information on the right is all we'll need to give you an accurate price quote that includes everything. We're completely transparent in our pricing, and our booking agents will let you know of everything that gets included in your rate. When you call for a quote, you'll be on your way in minutes. We know your time is valuable and won't waste a second of it!

You can get in contact with us at any time to get a quote for your services. We're here throughout the day and night to better serve you! Unlike other companies in the area, we won't pull up and immediately ask you for gas money or the drivers gratuity. Limousine Clearwater is here for honest, direct, and transparent pricing!

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